Now & Then Cover Band

(Chicago Area)

Founded in 2019, Now & Then plays familiar danceable songs and hidden gems spanning the decades (‘70s –> present).


Co-Founder, Bass, Backup vocals, Sound, Lights and Management.

Paul grew up in New York City, and because his father was a professional jazz trombonist, Paul has been surrounded by working musicians most of his life.

He worked his first paying gig at 14 (with the club owner’s permission). While working in the engineering industry, he traveled too often to commit to a band and spent many of those years playing in church groups to keep his chops up.

Now with the available time to commit to Now & Then, Paul applies his degrees in Engineering and his musical background to provide the audio engineering and lighting shows for the band (as well as playing bass and singing backup vocals).



Co-Founder, Lead Vocals, Wicked Rhythm Guitar.

Originally from Columbus, OH, Jackson has spent most of his life living in the Chicagoland area. At age 15, he bought his first electric guitar and immediately fell in love with it.

Playing in and around the city for the last 13 years, he performed his original material at open mics and rocked out with several different bands/projects.

In 2019 Jackson and Paul were playing together in a project. They realized they had similar music goals about forming a new cover band to play throughout Chicagoland – and Now & Then was started.


Lead Guitar

Terry received his first guitar as a gift at the age of three. It was a Gibson copy and made of the finest cheap plastic money could buy. This musical toy planted the seed that led to a three-decade euphonious journey that involved several original and cover band projects in the Chicagoland area.

He supports performances with one of the largest collections of effect pedals ever seen on a single stage. So large that the band has to make special arrangements with the electric provider before each show to get necessary power provisioning for the venue.

He proves that you can never have enough musical toys at any age.


Lead Vocals, Backup vocals, Auxiliary percussion

Chitra (Chith-ruh) doesn’t expect you to get her name right on the first try…but try! Born and raised in Aurora, IL, she will likely ignore any Wayne’s World references.

As the eldest first-generation spawn of South Indian immigrants, Chitra was raised in a family of multi-talented musicians in a household where silence was a rarity. She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing – she was featured in her first gig at the age of 8!

Classically trained in Carnatic/South Indian and Western/Choral vocal techniques, Chitra has performed and won awards at various prestigious venues and competitions across the United States and India. She also plays the violin, training and performing with many orchestral ensembles for over a decade. When she isn’t unearthing harmonies and singing along to just about any style/genre of music, she is also learning the guitar.

During the day, Chitra is a vampi…phlebotomist, so try to avoid pissing her off. She’s a big fan of garlic, too.



Brian has been playing drums for as long as he can remember. From a drum in his crib to a Sears, Roebuck, & Co. drum kit early in life to his first ‘real’ drum kit at age 5, it’s been a lifelong passion.

Well-versed in different playing styles and schooled at the former Berning School Of Music on the NW side of Chicago, Brian can play about anything! Playing in numerous cover bands over the years, most recently as the drummer of Send In The Clones, he is ready to take the stage with Now & Then!

Nicknamed the $3 million dollar drummer, owing to his being half has rebuilt as the famous $6 million dollar man, Brian provides the drive to the band with an expansive array of drums and technique.